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Somatotyping Laboratory

Somatotype each class member and record your findings.

SOMATOTYPE (BODY TYPE) - a system of classifying body build or physique

ENDOMORPHY-relative predominance of roundness & softness of the body. Tendency to be fat, heavy torso with protruding abdomen & slightly smaller thorax. Smooth contours caused by fat accumulation under the skin hide muscle definition. Extreme 711-neck is short, head is large & spherical, limbs are short with tapering & rounding of the thighs & upper arms. Some breast development in male (fat deposits). Buttocks are full & found (no lateral dimpling).

MESOMORPHY-171-relative display of muscle, bone & connective tissue. Heavy muscled & have large prominent bones. The distal arms & legs are prominent & massive. The shoulders project laterally from the torso. The thoracic segment of the trunk is larger than the abdominal segment. Waist is low.

ECTOMORPHY-117-linearity (height) over fat or muscle. Usually tall & thin. Typically a relatively short trunk, long limbs, & poorly developed musculature. Shoulder droop is common. Distal arms & legs tend to be long & thin. The neck is long & slender, face is small with sharp, fragile features.

RATING-is done by a point scale in order of endomorphy, mesomorphy, ectomorphy. 1 is for minimal characterization of a body type while 7 is for maximal characteristics. Read as 3 separate digits not as 1-three digit number (1-1-7).

Descriptive & numerical classification of selective somatotype categories

Descriptive classification Numeric somatotype designation
Extreme endomorph 711
Mesomorphic endomorph 621,631,532
Endomorphic mesomorph 361,462,372
Extreme mesomorph 171
Ectomorphic mesomorph 162,253,154
Mesomorphic ectomorph 345,235,126
Extreme ectomorph 117
Endomorphic ectomorph 435,326,415
Ectomorphic endomorph 524,612,623

Somatotyping is done by studying a properly posed person in an anterior, lateral, & posterior position.

Compare 3-digit estimate with the Ponderal Index (height/weight)

Calculated by dividing the height in inches by the cube root of the weight in pounds.

Somatotyping Laboratory




Benavidez, Megan      
Bradshaw, Amanda      
Davis, Shawndra      
Dooley, Keith      
Knighten, Fred      
Lay, Brandy      
Mathis, Amanda      
McCrary, Chris      
Parrish, Rina      
Pritchard, Aidan      

Shoemaker, Johnathan

Stevens, Emily