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2005-2006 Minutes

October 26, 2005 8:30 P.M. Minutes from Sports Medicine Club Meeting #4

President Joni Davenport brought meeting to order at 8:30 pm.

First on the order of business was the Massage Night.  We have it approved for the nights of November 9,10, & 11 from 6-9 pm.  There will be a list of people and times that they currently are signed up for at the end of this.

Moving on we discussed painting the fire hydrant, when to paint it and what color.  We decided the morning of the athletic training football game which will take place on

November 12, 2005.  Colors to be discussed later on.

Next we had the subject of the clothes we are going to buy (Sweat suit and t-shirts).  There was a signup sheet passed around for people to put their sizes and number of that particular clothing.  The signup sheet will be posted on the white board in the front of the ATR; the signup list will be taken down at 5 pm on Nov. 2, 05, so that the order can be placed. 


  • Christmas on the River:  October 30 and November 7, Joni will contact everyone involved and let them know what time they need to be in Demopolis.

  • Athletic Trainers Football game on November 12, 2005 @ 2:00 pm

  • Next meeting will be held on November 8, 2005

New Business:

Baseball Deck:  Andy will head this project up; he is getting his Dad to come help and to bring the needed materials to fix it.  They will need people to help with this project, when the date is decided on he will let people know.  So PLEASE anyone if asked please help to make our Baseball deck something for us to be proud of. 

Next Meeting: 11/8/05

October 12, 2005 8:30 P.M. Minutes from Sports Medicine Club Meeting #3

President Joni Davenport brought the meeting to order

Then passed to floor to V.P. Amy Taylor for business about the Massage night. Details involved breaking into 3 groups with 1hr. per.

Group with at least 3 guys and 3 girls. 

Dewayne Fortenberry added “If you sign up you had better show up”!!!!!

The question arose about the price, it was suggested a dollar a minute with a max of 15 min.

Also there will need to be a supervisor at times to keep modesty in check.  And also was of advertisement. 

It was brought to the floor for voting and the attending members voted to go forward with this fundraiser. 

The floor was passed back to Pres. Joni

She discussed the Christmas on the River, passed around a sign-up sheet for volunteer days.

We moved on to the issue of Clothes.

Prices: $43 dollars for the sweat suits (tops and bottoms) color: grey

            $7.50 dollars for a tee shirt.  color: red

The matter was voted on by the attending members and was supported by a majority vote.

There will be a sign-up sheet for name and sizes posted in the near future.

Also for all members to email suggestions to go on the back of the shirt to Joni Davenport at

We then moved to the matter of breakfast for the Fire department and Police departments at the Fire department on 10/22/05 at 8 am. 

A sign-up sheet was passed around to for people to fix food and bring to this breakfast.

Food will be bought out of the Sports Medicine Club budget.

Everyone that is to fix food needs to pick up the food in the ATR on Friday, October 21.  Everyone will receive an email to know what time to pick up the food.

We then moved on to new business

Adopt a Fire Hydrant in order to support the Livingston Fire Department.  This was proposed to the attending members and everyone voted in support of it. 

Also a cookout on the baseball deck during the Dandy Don’s World Series.  The date to participate will be determined and emailed to everyone in the near future.

President Joni moved for a meeting adjourned and was seconded by Treasurer Myron Cowan .

The next meeting is 10/26/05.

September 28, 2005 8:30 P.M. Minutes from Sports Medicine Club Meeting #2

The meeting was called to order by Joni Davenport.

Members were informed that officer elections would be placed on blackboard and Joni would email everyone when they were able to vote.

We decided on going to help with Christmas on the River on October 30, 2005 and another group on November 7, 2005.

The members decided that they would like to do the massage night fundraiser. Volunteers were taken to be in charge of this project.  The 3 A’s took on the project (Amy, Aidan, and Andy).

Everyone was reminded about the ATS football game.  It will take place on November 12, 2005 @ 2 pm.  There was a discussion about getting team shirts.  Fresh was supposed to be checking on these.

Everyone was also reminded about breakfast at the fire station on October 22, 2005 and a sign up sheet will be placed on the board for everyone to sign up.

Andy is going to check on when the baseball world series is in case we still want to have  a cookout.

Everyone was reminded that the next meeting would be October 12, 8:30.

All members decided that they did not want to do the Bu/Shu challenge.

It was decided that they did want to adopt an athletic training program that was affected by the hurricane if we know exactly what one needs.

People were asked to sign up to take blood pressure at the health fair on October 4, 2005.

We discussed clothes that we wanted to buy as a club.  Nick Alexander suggested sweat suits and we decided that we wanted short sleeve t-shirts. Joni is going to check on prices and report back at the next meeting.

September 14, 2005 Minutes from Sports Medicine Club Meeting #1

Miss Joni Davenport, the president, called the Sports Medicine Club meeting to order.

2003-2004 Minutes

September 17, 2003 Minutes from Sports Medicine Club Meeting #2

Larandust Coleman, the president, called the Sports Medicine Club meeting to order The roll was then taken and no old minutes were read. There was no discussion of any old business. For new business, many activities were brought to the attention of the new and old members. The first thing discussed was the newsletter. There were people assigned to articles. Larandust has the main list. The newsletter will also have a senior spotlight with a group picture of the seniors. Articles were due on September 24, 2003. Next, fundraisers were discussed. The first fundraiser discussed was massage night. This was a one -day only event. It was settled that this event could only include the neck, feet, or lower leg. It would be ten minutes for five dollars. The second fundraiser was movie night. The date for this event is October 12, 2003 at 7:00p.m. This is for the athletic training students only. Snacks are allowed. On September 28, 2003, at 4:30p.m. , it was decided that this is the day that has been allotted to fix and repair the deck at the baseball field. The color adopted was red.  The sale of pom-poms was mentioned as a fundraiser. This was later decided in this that this would become an optional fundraiser. The aluminum can rally was also discussed. A reminder was given to all members to save their cans.  September 30, 2003 is the date all dues are due. After this discussion, the meeting was then adjourned.


2001-2002 Minutes

Minutes from Sports Medicine Club Meeting #9 
8:00 P.M., April 17, 2002

Dandy Don’s donated pizza for the meeting.

Newsletter articles have got to be turned in.

Sign up to work the GSC softball tournament.

Volunteers are needed to help Mrs. Allison with Relay for Life

  • --Moon walk

  • --Sell tickets

  • --6-12 PM

We discussed the possibility of the SMC having a Relay for Life team next year.

Karen announced the new officers for next year (2002-2003)

  • --Pres-Jacob

  • --VP-Brandi

  • --Sec/Tres-Ginny

  • --Parlimen-Julian

  • --Sr Rep-Jamece

  • --Jr Rep-Clai

  • --Soph Rep-Michael

All amendments to the constitution passed and the necessary changes will be made.

If you are interested in working UWA or UA summer camps see Brad or Karen.

We received $450 from SGA.

Justin spoke on the SMC’s behalf to the SACS committee.

ALATA/NATA registration is due by May 1st.

The end-of-the-year party will be at Blair and Ese’s house on May 26th-begins 3-4 PM

  • -Sign up to bring food

  • -R.T is donating $75 for the meat

The day-of-fun will be May 27th

  • -softball and slip-n-slide

  • -FBI will be in charge of getting the supplies
Minutes from Sports Medicine Club Meeting #8
8:00 P.M., April 3, 2002

SGA request form for money to go to ALATA/NATA  conventions will be turned in as soon as possible

Mrs. Allison offered to help with the paper work needed to be turned in to the SGA

We need volunteers to work the GSC softball tournament the weekend of May 4&5

Volunteers are needed to work Special Olympics

Also Mrs. Allison would like to have volunteers to help work on the Christmas on the River floats

            Please see the back- board for details and sign-up sheets

Proposed constitutional changes were discussed and everyone at the meeting received a copy of the proposals

We voted that the offices of secretary and treasurer by combined

Nominations will be taken from now until Fri. at noon

            4 offices—President, Vice-President, Sec/Tres, Parliamentarian

            Sr., Jr., Soph. Class reps

Ballots will be placed in boxes by Monday

            No Sr votes will be counted for class reps

            Turn in ballots by Wed noon

            Offices will be filled by the end of the week

R.T. has made all corrections to the SMC web page, he ask that if any more corrections are needed to let him know

Minutes from Sports Medicine Club Meeting # 7
8:00 P.M. ,March 13, 2002

  • Congratulations were given to Michelle and Elizabeth for representing the SMC in the Miss Paragon Pageant
  • We need volunteers to work the softball concession stand on April 11th and 18th and May 2nd
  • Larandust will contact Lyndsey Hall (WTOK Channel 11) about coming to film us for the news during spring football
  • Justin has begun filling out the paper work for us to get $500 from SGA to aid in paying for the trips to ALATA and NATA this year
  • Topics for the next news letter are…

--High School Article-Michael Snyder

--Senior Spotlight-Shaye and Erica

--Nate Stanton and Alicia Zabala Presentations-Micheline and Jacob

--Ath. Trn. Month Activities-Justin and Larandust

--Women’s Basketball Highlights-Christy and Erica

--NATA/ALATA report-

--Spotlight- Scott Reynan-Jacob and Erica

  • R.T. mentioned that eventually the SMC might could donate money toward getting tables in the classroom.
At the next SMC meeting we will have a speaker from Christmas on the River and we will discuss the qualifications of SMC officers
Minutes from Sports Medicine Club Meeting # 6
February 19, 2002  @ Tres Hermanos   8:30 PM

·        Jacob called the meeting to order

·        Justin acted as secretary

·        Need volunteers to work the baseball gates—get $ bag from Dee Outlaw and take it back when finished

·        Parents of players get in with a pass

·        List will be posted to sign up for future games

·        Fundraiser-50/50 raffle at baseball games—collect money at all games and draw for the jackpot at the last home game

·        Blair will be in charge of the 50/50 raffle committee

·        Emily contacted newspapers for Athletic Training month they are just waiting for the green light from us with materials

·        Justin was commended on a job well done in SGA

·        Next meeting will be in approx. 2 weeks

·        Discussed the possibility of another SAT party

·        Ended meeting at 9:00PM

Minutes from Sports Medicine Club Meeting # 5
January 10, 2002

The previous minutes were not approved due to the fact that they were not available.

There have been changes made to the SMC web page. The committee is still working to improve the web page. They still need resumes.

Athletic Training month is in March. Several suggestions were made, such as a one day clinic for high schools, an athletic training banquet, newspaper and radio announcements, announcements on the web and The Life newspaper at UWA, handing out flyers at high school games, and making announcements at high schools. Michael Snyder, Anedra Smith, Justin Hendricks, and Larandust Coleman volunteered to serve on the committee for athletic training month.

Erica will be making a calendar of events for us.

Blair and Jason will make sure we can work the baseball gates for money again this year.

We need to have some new suggestions for fundraisers.

We are now officially recognized as a part of the SGA. Michael Snyder volunteered to take Brad Davis’ place as SGA Rep.

We also discussed getting money from the SGA for conferences and possible forming a scholarship with some of the funds.

The Athletic Trainer Tales is finished and the next edition is underway.

  • Hughston Clinic Speakers/ Mayfield Armstrong--Ginny
  • Alumni Spotlight-Todd Bullard--Anedra
  • Blue-Gray Game--Shane/Erica
  • Christmas on the River--Allison
  • Illness/Injury of the Year-thrombocytopenia--Christy
  • Conventions Update--Karen
  • Top 10 List-- Brandi, Erica, Ginny

We also discussed sponsoring at least 2 contestants in the Miss Paragon Pageant

Minutes from Sports Medicine Club Meeting # 4
November 7, 2001

The SMC web page design committee is still working on the SMC web page. We still need everyone’s resume.

Mayfield Armstrong will be coming to talk about the KT 2000.

We will have several speakers from Auburn coming to speak to us on Tuesday.

We made the final decisions about the T-shirt and jacket designs. The order will be placed by the end of next week. The final sign up sheet will be on the back board. We also voted that SMC buy shirts for all current members.

Don’t forget about Christmas on the river. Mrs. Allison would appreciate any help with that.

We discussed Athletic Training month ( March). It was suggested that we select a committee to oversee any activities planned for that month. We will select that committee at the next meeting. Also, we need any suggestions as to activities for the month.

The Athletic Trainer Tales newsletter is almost complete.

Minutes from Sports Medicine Club Meeting # 3
October 10, 2001

Justin H. took the pictures for the SMC web page.

Brad talked to Richard Hester about setting up a booth at the Fall Preview. There will have to be someone at the booth at all times.


  • Mayfield Armstrong will be coming to talk to us.
  • Blair recommended that Heath Townsend talk to us.
  • On Nov. 5th several students fro Southern Students Union will visit us on campus.

Merchandise--We voted to order jackets and long sleeved T-shirts. The sign up list will be posted.

Fundraisers--The 50/50 raffle is underway. Everyone is required to sell at least 10 tickets. Chris and FBI will sell during the volleyball game. Lindsey will sell during the football game on Oct. 10th, and someone will sell at the Dandy Don’s World Series.

The auction and doughnut sell will be postponed until after football season.

We will also work the gates at baseball games again this year.

The newsletter is almost finished.

R.T. and Shane will have a financial report ready to be presented at the next meeting.

Dwain will be in charge of the deck this year. Dwain, Blair, Shane, and FBI will be in charge of improvements made to the deck.

SMC logo/motto suggestions are due at the next meeting.

Mrs. Allison came to talk to us about volunteering to help with Christmas on the River n Demopolis. (Nov. 25-Dec. 1)

Minutes from Sports Medicine Club Meeting # 2
September 26, 2001

We are still working on the newsletter

Justin- SGA Rep.- said that in order to become a voting member of the SGA, we need to submit a constitution, have at least 7 members, and attend every meeting on Tues. at 5 PM at the SUB conference room.

Blair volunteered to help Karen with future newsletters.

Brad D. volunteered to attend SGA meetings when Justin is unable to make it.

LeAnn, Jamece, and Brad were nominated for Jr. Rep.

Jamece was elected.

We discussed improving the SMC web page and a committee was formed to oversee this project.

Members of the committee are Blair, Jason, Ginny, and Justin.

They also ask that any suggestions be turned in by the next meeting.

Brad will meet with Richard Hester about details on the Fall Preview which is Oct. 20, 2001.

We also discussed several possible fundraisers and formed committees to oversee these.

  • 50/50 raffle--Larandust/ Jamece
  • Ticket sells at home baseball games--Blair/ Jason will also make sure we received the money from last year
  • Selling UWA Ath. Trn. T-shirts at games and on Dr. day in the ATR
  • Doughnuts--Justin
  • Sell shakers at football games
  • Bachelor/ Bachelorette Auction--Larandust, Brad, Brandi, Justin, Ginny

We will have several speakers coming through out the next few months.

Erica volunteered to make a calendar to decide when the speakers will be able to come.

We also talked about ordering some clothes and hats.

Coshard checked with the bookstore on prices.

Brad will also check for other prices

A committee was formed to design some athletic training clothes.

The committee consists of Larandust, Brandi, Ginny, Coshard, Emily, Christy, Brad D., Julian, and Brandon.

$50.00 was donated to Blair to by the meat for the athletic training cookout at Blair’s on Oct. 6, 2001.

All deadlines for the committees are Oct. 10, 2001.

The next SMC meeting will also be at this time.

Minutes from Sports Medicine Club Meeting # 1
August 23, 2001

Members were instructed to pay their dues to Karen, Jacob, or Shane.

  • Sophomore Rep. Election
    • Nominated--Ginny, Larandust, Justin
    • Elected--Ginny
  • Freshman Rep. Election
    • Nominated--Brandon, Candice, Michael
    • Elected--Michael

Newsletter Articles were assigned:

  • Awards--Ginny
  • Alumni Section--Candice
  • Coaching Changes--LeAnn/Randianne
  • Los Angeles--Shane
  • Educational Article--Brandon
  • New Doctors--Julian

Justin Hendricks will represent the SMC at SGA meetings.

Lindsey will help promote future SMC meetings.

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