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STOP (Sports Trauma and Overuse Prevention) Sports Injuries

Suggested 3-Year Course Plan for Transfers above the Freshman Level Accepted Directly into the Program in the Fall Semester
(Revised 7/10/17)
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Transfer Sophomore or above 1st Year






AH 200 Introduction to Athletic Training 3 AH 282 Athletic Training Clinical Education II 1   
AH 281 Athletic Training Clinical Education I 1 AH 322 Evaluation of Injuries I 3
AH 220 Injury/Illness Assessment 2 AH 323 Evaluation of Injuries I Laboratory 1
**PE 251 Concepts in Health, Wellness, and Fitness   3 AH 210 Protective Techniques for Injuries 2
**BY 231 Human Anatomy and Physiology I 4 AH 230 Athletic Training Emergency Care 2
PE 443 Kinesiology 3 **BY 232 Human Anatomy and Physiology II 4
    EX/PE 444 Physiology of Exercise 3
    EX 445 Physiology of Exercise Laboratory 1
TOTAL 15   15 30

** To be taken in this semester if not transferring these courses in.  **Courses from the spring semester may be moved up to the fall if the courses in the fall have been transferred in.

Transfer 2nd Year






AH 330 Therapeutic Modalities in Athletic Training 3 AH 340 Rehabilitation of Injuries 3  
AH 331 Therapeutic Modalities in Athletic Training Laboratory 1 AH 341 Rehabilitation of Injuries Laboratory 1
AH 381 Athletic Training Clinical Education III 1 AH 382 Athletic Training Clinical Education IV 1
**PH 201 College Physics I & & PH 211L Technical Physics I Lab 4 **EC 231, EC 232, GY 100, PS 110, SY 100, or SY 110 3
AH 324 Evaluation of Injuries II 3 EX 470 Development of Strength and Conditioning 3
AH 325 Evaluation of Injuries II Laboratory II 1    
AH 301 Research in Athletic Training 1    
AH 300 General Medical Aspects of Athletic Training 3    
TOTAL 17   13 30

Athletic Training majors are strongly advised to take AH 409, Preprofessional Clinical Experience for up to 4 hours to meet part or all their Athletic Training Elective Requirements.  Generally, this preprofessional clinical experience which requires 60 clock hours for every credit hour is best scheduled in the summer prior to the senior year.

Transfer 3rd Year






AH 350 Organization & Administration of Athletic Training 2 AH 400 Clinical Decisions in Athletic Training 1  
AH 481 Athletic Training Clinical Education V 1 AH 482 Athletic Training Clinical Education VI 1
AH 430 Psychological Aspects of Athletic Training 2 **HY 101 or HY 211 or HY 102 or HY 212 3
AH 408 Seminar in Athletic Training 1 Athletic Training Electives 5
EX 442 Sport and Exercise Nutrition  3 EX 446 Biomechanics of Human Movement 3
**EH 221 or EH 231    
TOTAL 12   13 25

Total hours = minimum of 120 in order to graduate.  A minor is not required with this major.  5 hours of this program are general electives which includes the 2 semester hour course, UWA 101 Freshman Seminar.  Students are advised to gear these electives towards athletic training, biology, health, physical education, physical sciences, or psychology.

Lightly shaded courses are taught once a year in the semesters where listed but may also be taught in the Summer semester.
Darkly shaded courses are taught once a year only in the semesters where listed.

For Academic Advising questions contact R.T. Floyd, EdD, ATC

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