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Athletic Training Curriculum Course Textbooks

UWA Athletic Training Curriculum Home Page

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UWA Athletic Training Curriculum Discussion Forum
UWA Athletic Training & Sports Medicine Center

Heart, Lung, & Abdominal Sounds

Auscultation Assistant

Auscultation, ECG, blood pressure assessment

Heart and Lung Sounds

This is for asthma specifically:


Lung Sounds

Eye simulator

Neurological Examination

The Emergency Medicine and Primary Care Home Page

Medicine Net Reference Source

Anatomy of the Knee Tutorial:

Anatomy of the Shoulder Tutorial:

Anatomy & Physiology Tutorials:

Electronic Textbook of Hand Surgery:

Slides and Illustrations of Upper Extremity Musculoskeletal Anatomy.

Foot and Ankle Web Index:
The foot and ankle link library located at this site is very helpful.

General information about the fields of kinesiology.

Loyola University Medical Center: Structure of the Human Body:

An excellent site with many slides, dissections, tutorials, etc. for study of human anatomy.

Neuromusculoskeletal web:
Notes on Musculoskeletal Anatomy and other links.

Premiere Medical Search Engine:
This site allows the reader to enter any medical condition and it will search the net to find relevant articles.

Radiologic Anatomy Browser:

This site has numerous radiological views of the musculoskeletal system.

The Dynamic Human version 2.0 CD-ROM: The Visual Guide to Anatomy & Physiology:

The University of Texas MD Anderson Cancer Center Multimedia and Learning Resources:

This site has numerous cadaveric cuts of the foot, knee, hand, arm, elbow, an interactive ankle, and a rotating foot and ankle.

University of Arkansas Medical School Gross Anatomy for Medical Students:

Dissections, anatomy tables, atlas images, links, etc.

Wheeless' Textbook of Orthopaedics:
This site has an extensive index of links to the
fractures, joints, muscles, nerves, trauma, medications, medical topics, lab tests
as well as links to orthopaedic journals, other orthopaedic, and medical news.

If you find other links such as anatomy, etc. you would like posted here or on individual course pages please email them to me at or to the course instructor.


Somatotyping Lab

Manual Muscle Testing Project with pictures (5.76 MB)

Manual Muscle Testing Project without pictures (119 KB)

Somatotyping Blank Word table

Somatotyping Summary Tables

Excel spreadsheet for averaring somatotypes

Somatotyping Final Table for entering individual & averages

Somatotyping Class Averages Summary Tables

Excel file for body Composition Data Entry

Body Composition Lab

Body Composition Summary Tables

2nd Excel file for comparing individual vs. class summary of body composition

Bony Palpation Video Project

Bony Palpation Details & Pictures

Joint & Soft Tissue Palpation Video Project

Joint & Soft Tissue Palpation Picture Page

Goniometry web pages

Manual Muscle Testing web pages

Bony Palpation Lab

Joint Palpation Lab
Soft Tissue Palpation Lab

Joint Play Lab
Myotomes Lab
Reflex Lab
Dermatomes Lab
Manual Muscle Testing Lab
Goniometry Lab
Vital Signs Lab

Medical abbreviations

1st Vital Signs Excel file Summary Tables
Vital Signs Summary Tables

2nd Excel file for comparing individual vs. class summary of vital signs

Pain Scales & Questioning Lab

All students are expected to bring all textbooks to laboratory for reference as needed.
Students are expected to have practiced the exams before class in order to better refine examination technique in lab.

Announcements will be posted on this page regarding our plans to attend selected meetings.

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